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Satelltie Communication
  • Available in any rural and metropolitan areas

  • Not affected by disrupted cable or fiber lines

  • Unlimited data

  • No restrictions

  • No deposit

  • No activation fee

  • Dedicated and Shared bandwidth are available

  • Easy to relocate 1 meter antenna

  • Low power consumption of less than 60 watts

  • 24 / 7 customer support

  • We own our satellite spectrum and do not rebuy

  • Optional, Internet  backup with seamless rollover

BBWISP_Hughes dish (1).png
  Satellite Services for Guyana

PLANS (GB)    Contention           Downstream          Upstream                  Monthly Rate

 Unlimited           10:1                       512 Kbps             256 Kbps                   GY$ 50,000


 Unlimited           10:1                           1 Mbps             512 Kbps                   GY$ 80,000

 Unlimited           10:1                           2 Mbps             768 Kbps                   GY$ 140,000

Unlimited            10:1                           3 Mbps             768 Kbps                   GY$ 200,000

Unlimited            10:1                           4 Mbps             768 Kbps                   GY$ 260,000

Complete System with 1.2M Antenna  =   GY$ 430,000

Complete System without 1.2M Antenna  =   GY$ 290,000

VSAT diagram.gif
Business Class Internet service


Applied Interlogic Guyana Incorporated has been providing affordable and reliable communication services since 1999, also known as Broadband Wireless.   We are a fully licensed Internet Service Provider under the Telecommunications Agency of Guyana.    Our professional and courteous team with more than 20 years experience makes us a leader in the industry developing solutions to meet business needs.   ​

AIGI is a 100% diverse satellite carrier; we own our network from your business to multiple Tier 1 global carriers.  We do not rely on the local phone company to install or deliver your services and therefore, not affected by disrupted fiber lines and frequency interference.   Our State-of-the-Art mesh platform guarantees your business the highest level of reliability, bandwidth, lowest latency, competitive pricing, and round-the-clock courteous support. 

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