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Mobile Satellite Internet

  • Available anywhere in Guyana

  • Not affected by disrupted cable or fiber lines

  • Unlimited data 

  • Bandwidth Speed up to 150 Mbps / 35 Mbps

  • No IP or TV channels restrictions

  • No deposit, No activation fee

  • With a 18 inch dish makes it easy to relocate and it also self aligns  

  • Low power consumption of less than 40 watts

  • 24/ 7 customer support

  • Limited Warranty

  • 1 Year Agreement


Monthly Rate =  Call 

Complete System = Call 

* Please note that this is a satellite dish that can be installed anywhere, mountains, jungle, creek, islands, etc.

For best power supply performance, ensure the power supply is mounted in a location that provides adequate cooling.

We are a fully licensed Internet Service Provider under the Telecommunications Agency of Guyana.

WhatsApp +592-647-7875

Tel (813) 767-6086

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