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Special Rates

                       Landline         Mobile        Digicel


Guyana           $0.22             $0.23           $0.11

Haiti                 $0.26            $0.26           $0.26

Jamaica          $0.14             $0.18           $0.18

Suriname        $0.12             $0.16           $0.26

Trinidad          $0.06             $0.16           $0.16

Brazil              $0.04             $0.04

China              $0.07             $0.07

Colombia        $0.04             $0.04

Canada           $0.03            $0.03

USA                 $0.03            $0.03

Bangladesh     $0.04            $0.04


  • Lowest prices on the market

  • Superior quality

  • Charges are rounded by seconds not minutes

  • No sign-up fees and no contract

  • Direct dialing, no access numbers, pinless

  • Recharge account from your mobile device

  • Optimizer allows a clear call with low bandwidth

  • Connect through any firewall or blockage

  • Intergrates with your contact list

  • Free in-network calls and messaging

  • Seamless roll-over from network to network

  • Customer support via email, phone, text

  • 100% service satisfaction guarantee

TeleBuddy App

                     PINLESS MOBILE DIALER


International mobile calling


Make local and international calls using your Internet connection at  the lowest rates and excellent quality of service.


  1. Search "Telebuddy" in your App Store

  2. Install

  3. Signup

  4. Confirm email

  5. Go to Payment to recharge balance or click below

  6. Start calling


telebuddy logo single.jpg

To signup, please proceed to contact page.



Tele Buddy Mobile Dialer allows you to make VoIP calls from any of the android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.


It is developed based on the requirements of VoIP Providers business needs.


Tele Buddy Mobile Dialer Features:-


• Integrated application comprising phonebook, replicated dialer, call log info, automated balance display, automated IVR, network switching and consistent dialer screen

• Traverse NAT on public IP

• Auto delete Plus (+) sign when contact read from phone book

• Automatic switching to strong signal available when signal is weak

[Applicable to iOS and Android]

• Excellent performance even in low-speed internet

• Automatic credit balance display

• IVR (interactive voice response) support to alert on the remaining call minutes

• Loss-less voice transmission

• Synchronization with mobile phonebook

• Stores 50 call logs and unlimited storage of contacts

• Easy adjustable microphone and speaker controls


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